Chilean Air Force B737 at Airport Weeze.

On 16th of february early in the morning an Extra 300 was flown from the Extra factories in Dinslaken to Airport Weeze. The aircraft flew in formation with Extra500 D-EKEW, wich acted as a shuttle plane for the pilot of the Extra 300.


The Extra300 that was delivered from Dinslaken was an brand new Extra300/L for the Chilean Air Force team "Halcones''. Escuadrilla de Alta Acrobacia Halcones (Falcons High Aerobatics Squad) is the precision aerobatic demonstration team of the Chilean Air Force.

Therefore a Chilean transport aircraft was flown from Chile to Niederrhein on a very could but clear Saturday with the best blue skies one can wish for. Originally planned for 15.30 local the B737-330 arrived three hours early at 12.20 from Sevilla, Spain.

After landing some spare parts were loaded onto the airplane, and after that te airplane was tucked in for the night. The following day the Extra300 was loaded onto the plane and the job was done. The 737 was scheduled to depart on Monday. Alle in all an exciting visitor for Airport Weeze, wich also attracted a lot of aircraft enthousiasts.


Niederrhein Aviation Society