Airport Weeze - A large little airport     



By: R.Kellenaers       

Part 2 of an aerial pictorial from Airport Weeze, wich is former RAF Laarbruch.  Being built in 1954 as one of the three ''clutch'' bases, the airflied is now one of the largest airports in Nordrhein Westfalen. RAF Laarbruch, was one of RAFG's largest airbases. Here the air is filled with the ghosts of past wars: there was action here during the hundred Year War, Marlbourough fought here, the Siegfried line ende here, and, towards the end of World War II, heavy fighting took place around this area. From the opening of the base on 15 oktober 1954 to the closure in 1999, RAF Laarbruch saw action of the most modern airplanes. From Canberra and Javelins to Tornado's and Harriers.

After the RAF left the base, the airfield was rebuilt into a civil airport. Nowadays Airport Weeze is one of the most popular airports for travellers. It's small, cheap and has a lot of destinations. Since the opening on May 1st 2003 the airport had many ups and downs.  The noise-complaints issues were the largest setback with some important airlines cancelled their engagemant at the last minute. These noise-complaint issues are now dealth with and the airport has a bright future ahead.

An important moment in time in Weeze's history was February 2007 wenn Europe's Largest low cost airline, Ryanair,  announced it's 19th european base at Airport Weeze.  In the fall of 2007 the airport saw a large reconstruction, were taxiways were resurfaced and a brand new ILS CATIIIb system was installed.

The airport nowadays is a homebase for up to 9 Ryanair aircraft as wel as an Airbus A319 from Hamburg International and a Boeing 737-800 from XL-Airways (wich is used by Sunweb.)   Airport City Weeze is situated in the West of Germany,within the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and quite near to the Dutch border. The airport handles more then 2 million passengers a year and has more than 7000 parking places.


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 On a 620hectare area around the Airport Weeze, a new industrial zone has been created to satisfy the needs of the logistics, aviation and leisure industries. The former RAF base has over 500 accomodation and functional buildings,hangars and usable tarmac surfaces. Potential investors and business-owners can benefit from five different zones in the Airport City Weeze, each with adifferent focus of activity.


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