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At this page you will find all the info you need about spotting at Airport Weeze (Former RAF Laarbruch). From the frequencies that are used to the best photo and spotting positions.

You will also find some info about preserved and based aircraft, that you may encounter while spotting at Weeze. This airport guide was made in cooperation with Dutch Aviation Society.

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The airport is former RAF Laarbruch. After the RAF left it was turned into a civil airport. After some (legal)battling with Düsseldorf Airport the name is currently Airport Weeze (is was Airport Niederrhein for a while). Ryanair was the first operator to and from Weeze on a regular basis. A second airline that has based one aircraft is hamburg International. The base is visited by the incidental bizjet and military aircraft (transport and helicopter).
Getting There
The airport is located South of Weeze and very near to the Dutch-German border. From Germany it can be reached by travelling the A59 highway. The airport is signposted from there. From the Netherlands you can travel the local road from Bergen to Arcen (N271) and exit towards 'Wellsche Hut' in Well. This will lead you to the border. From there you can follow the signs to the airport.
The airport is relatively small and has 1 terminalbuilding. The platform is left of the terminal building.
Around The Airport
Platform - Spot 1
Directly left of the terminal the platform for the aircraft is located. This platform offers very nice oppertunities for photogaphy (Thanks to white apron lighting photography after daylight is also very good). Just follow the signs to the airport and the platform will turn up. You can park your car on the official parking lots (which are cheap, compared to other airports).
Terminal building - Spot 2
From the restaurant of the terminal building your view on the platform (and the major part of the airport) is great for photography and reading. There is also an 'outside' terrace were you can take pictures, but you have to take them through the glass. So this place is a 'no-go' for good shots when it rains.
Taxiway South - Spot 3
The taxiway right of the terminal building is also a nice spot for photography. Just position yourself to your liking on the right of the building.
27 approach - Spot 4
The approach of runway 27 is pretty good for photography and reading. To get here turn left after you exit the airport and the approach lights will turn up automatically. You can park your car besides the road at the parking opposite of the airport.
09 approach - Spot 5
The approach of runway 09 is reachable as well, and again offers a good spot for photography. To reach this spot you drive towards Weeze from spot 3 and turn left on the Baaler Strasse at Hees (towards Well and Baal). After about 3 kilometers you can turn left just before the airport fence stops. You can park your car here and walk along the fence. You will find yourself between the fence and a large sand/stond quary. It is also possible to drive just inside the airport (outer) fence but this road is not always open.
Take off - Spot 6
The final spot mentioned here is the treshold of runway 09. This spot is quite nice for take off shots when runway 27 is in use. Due to the distance you will need at least a 300 mm lens. You can reach this spot by walking (or driving) from spot 4 and keep following the fence.
Northern side - Spot 7
The final spot is in the former RAF shelter area on the Northern side of the airport. This spot is sadly no longer available unless you have speciall acces to the Airport. This area has been closed to the public.
This shot at the platform (spot 1) shows that photography at Weeze is also possible after daylight. (Ron Kellenaers)
This French Falcon 900 is taken at spot 4 (the approach of runway 27). (Ron Kellenaers)


Preserved - Spot 8
  • KG+101
  • This privately owned F-104G is preserved at the airport but inside a HAS so not visible from the outside
  • FX-52
  • This privately owned F-104G is under restoration at the airport but inside a HAS so not visible from the outside
  • FX-69
  • F-104G inside HAS
  • FX-70
  • F-104G inside HAS
  • MT-9
  • CM.170 Fouga Magister inside HAS
  • 427/4-WA
  • CM.170 Fouga Magister inside HAS
  • WH849
  • Canberra T.4 (Cockpit Only, Museum)
  • XV334
  • Buccaneer S.2 (Cockpit Only, Museum)
  • WB962
  • Sedbergh TX.1 inside HAS
  • PH-NDK
  • Falcon 900EX l/n 04jun09
  • D-GGAB
  • Pa34-220   l/n 02jun09
  • D-EORK
  • Pa28T
  • N446MM
  • Pa46         l/n 01mar09
  • N122WD
  • Pa46
  • D-EFCH
  • Pa46
  • D-EPLK
  • Pa46
  • D-EHPI
  • Pa28
  • N700QT
  • TBM700     l/n 07jul09
  • EI-DAJ
  • B737-8AS  Ryanair l/n 03jun09
  • EI-DAP
  • B737-8AS  Ryanair l/n 03jun09
  • EI-DLM
  • B737-8AS  Ryanair l/n 04jun09
  • EI-DLO
  • B737-8AS  Ryanair l/n 04jun09
  • EI-DYR
  • B737-8AS  Ryanair l/n 04jun09
  • EI-EBK
  • B737-8AS  Ryanair l/n 04jun09
  • EI-DHA
  • B737-8AS  Ryanair l/n 05jun09
  • D-AHIH
  • A319-112   Hamburg Int. l/n 17may09
  • 129.400
  • Tower
  • 128.500
  • Langen Radar (Approach control)
  • 124.450
  • ATIS
  • 121.450
  • Ryanair Dispatch
  • 129.875
  • FIS Langen Information

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