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Niederrhein Aviation Society was established on 1 mai 2003, and is a forthcoming out of the former "Spotting Group Laarbruch". Since 1988 we are active with aircraft spotting around Laarbruch and it's surrounding airfields. Since the closure of RAF Laarbruch in 1999 we continued our hobby at other airfields, and since the opening of Airport Niederrhein, we re-activated our Spotting Group. First known as Spotting Group Niederrhein, we now wandering through life as Niederrhein Aviation Society. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information about Airport Weeze as well as an online picture gallery with some nice pictures from Airport Weeze. But not only pictures from Airport Weeze, but also from other airflields can be found at our website. And... We can't do this alone! So if you have nice pictures from Weeze and its surroundings, please send them in! if you are spotting at Weeze please send us your movement-logs, so we can keep this website up-to-date.

''The British are gone.... the enthousiasts stay"

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