Runway and airfield reconstruction EDLV.                     Part 1


In preparaton of the future Ryanair base at Weeze Airport, reconstruction of the runway and taxiways has begun on May 14th 2007. Ryanair announced it's 19th european base in Weeze in the beginning of  February and is planning to base 4 aircraft. Two aircraft will arrive in the beginning of june and two more in october. To make the airport suitable for these operations, an new CAT IIIa ILS is being installed and taxiways are being widened and reconstructed.

C0845/07 -  AD CLSD. 14 MAY 00:01 2007 UNTIL 27 MAY 22:00 2007

C0836/07 -  NIEDERRHEIN CTR (D) DEACTIVATED. 13 MAY 22:00 2007 UNTIL 27 MAY 21:59 2007

Therefore Airport Weeze ceased it's flying activities on May14th. All Ryanair aircraft are rerouted to Eindhoven and the weekly flight to Antalya (Sky Airlines) is being rerouted to nearby Dusseldorf Airport.

The Instrument Landing System (ILS) is a ground-based instrument approach system which provides precise guidance to an aircraft approaching a runway and in the case of one type of Category III approach, it also provides guidance along the runway surface. This means that appraoch lights are installed on the ruynway centerline. About 900 metres of runway are being reconstructed with a new base and new asfahlt. Also taxiways A B C and D as well as the complete taxiway S are being renewed and widened so that B737 can turn easily. This means that in the future, 737-like aircraft no longer have to backtrack to Runway 9 but can taxi via S and A, so taxi time and ground time will be much shorter. Landings on runway 27 can be carried out as usual with the new advantage of using taxiway B to turn off the runway. In the past, taxiway bravo was to narrow for large aircraft like the 737 or A320. Most part of the works will be ended by May 27th, but reconstruction of lighting will last untill the fall 2007, as more than 600 lights have to be installed in and around the runway.

Below you fill find a pictorial report of the reconstruction:





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