Extra 300 and C130 Royal jordanian AF.

02 April 2004.... One day earlier and everyone would think it was an april fools joke... An extra 300 aircraft, wich was on overhaul in the Extra Factory in Schwarze Heide had to be picked up at Niederrhein by a RJAF C-130. The Extra 300 arrived by road.

All Photo's: Rene Wilthof except 1,6 and 8. 

 1. C130H 344 on a NDB-DME approach for RWY09. Callsign was "JordanianAF346" 2. Extra 300. JY-RNL offloading..  3. JY-RNL was put on a loader from globeground an drove to the apron where the hercules was waiting for it's load.  4. While the A320 from Bexx Air taxies to rwy09 the extra300 is loaded into the Herc.
The extra 300 aircraft JY-RNL is part of the Royal Jordanian Air Force Aerobatic team: "Royal Jordanian Falcons".

The royal jordanian falcons are a perennial formation aerobatics team, formed in  1976 at the behest of his majesty the late king hussein bin talal. the royal falcons constitute a highly specialized component of royal Jordanian airlines and logistically supported by the royal Jordanian air force experienced pilots and transportation for the team's aircraft. Their mission is to present in a performance context the advance state of aeronautical in Jordan, to promote international goodwill and to arouse interest in Jordanian culture. In 1993, the royal falcons replaced the fleet of the Pitts s2s aerobatics aircraft with 5 new extra 300 aircraft, located at Amman international airport. Since then the team made air shows in European countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Britain France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway and Switzerland. In addition to the national particibations for this year (2002) the team will be doing the European tour for a period of 3 months. The team won many prizes during his existence and achieved the goal of promoting Jordan . More info on RJAF FALCONS

 5. Put some muscle under the aircraft guys!!  6. Don't forget the wings..  7. "Guts Airline" was the nickname for this C130. Nice badge too!!  8. After some delay caused by Brussels Radar the C130 and Extra 300 finally to off to their next destination//