Photocall 2006


NRN 21/05/06: On this day we had our first photocall in Laarbruch's former QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) area. We had this idea for a long time and on 28th of february we decided to organise this day. 

The owners of F-104 KG101 and two members of Niederrhein Aviation Society (NAS) made an appointment with NRN's "flugleitung" to discuss if everything we wanted could be organised. Our first intentions were just to display the three aircraft wich were available on site, but we decided to do something more and tried to invite some aircraft, to make the day more interesting with some flying aircraft. 

We found some very kind pilots who liked to help us in making the event a good one. We had contacts with the nice people of the Yakkes Foundation, The Seagull formation and a Chipmunck Pilot, who all wanted to come to NRN for our Photocall. We also invited some standholders/exhibitors who added an extra "touch" to this day.

Saturday 20/05/06

On saturday we were busy in setting up some stands and cleaning up the shelter and watchtower, wenn we were suprised by some of the nastiest wheather we had ever seen. Thunder and lightning struck all around us and we saw our photocall completely being ruined on Sunday if this weather continued.... With mixed feelings we continued our work... 

Sunday 21/05/06

Sunday morning the Raingods seemed to be on our hand and we could breathe a bit better now... However there were still very strong winds wich could be a factor for the arriving aircraft. The standholders arrived and set up their stuff, and we were trying to organise it so all bits&pieces fell into place. Some spotters could also be seen on site and were allready taking their pics. A bit later we recieved a phonecall from Air traffic control with a very enlightning message: "First aircraft are inbound!" We turned looked to the northeast and there they were! The Seagull Formation!!! Yes!! What a beautifull sight it was! Four P149's in formation just turning onto the short final for Runway 27. At this time the heavy weight fell off our shoulders... We finally got some visiting aircraft to our little event! All 4 Piaggios landed safely and taxied via taxiway Golf and November to the QRA area were they stopped on the taxiway and were being pushed in to the QRA. 

In between I recieved a message from the Yakkes Foundation that the visit of their Yak52 had to be cancelled due to an unservicable aircraft. (so even Russian built airplanes CAN break down....) The Yakkes Foundation had done a magnificent job to get their plane ready but delivery of some spare parts was taking too long, so they could not get their Yak52 ready for the 21st. 

We just recovered from this sad news wenn an DHC-1 Chipmunck arrived overhead. Hiiihaaaaa!!! Just at the same time Air Traffic called again: "Chipmunck inbound!". The DHC1 flew overhead an disappered in the distance. After a few minutes we looked to the north and there he was.. very low and very fast. The Pilot, who also flies the Ce650 Citation VI with Solid Air, made a spectaculair flyby before turning downwind for landing. After landing we waited for the Aircraft on taxiway November and pushed the a/c into the QRA. Mission Accomplished! 

Seagull Formation waiting for startup clearance while a 737 lands on RWY27. Foto: Ralf JoostenOver the day more and more visiting spotters and other enthousiast visited the photocall. We could not have an excact count but it was a nice amount of people. 

The owner of the modell aircraft from Modellclub "Apollo '68" did some nice taxiing with his jet powered aircraft. This Jet noise really had the finishing touch to the event!! Just like in the good old days we finally had some jet-noise at Laarbruch again! The Mig-21M from MPT (Military Pilot training) did receive a lot of attention by the public. But hey! What at strange sight it is, a soviet build airplane in front of a NATO shelter... A sight what can only be seen in Niederrhein. 

The day went on in relatively good wheather, and after our visiting aircraft departed, and the Chipmunck did some great flybys we called it a day. We dragged our tired asses to the airport's restaurant were we could enjoy a great German "Schnitzel mit Pommes".... Job done... (c 2006)

Foto's By: Ron Kellenaers and Ralf Joosten  Organisation by: Ton Van De Zweeuw, Rene Wilthof, Roger Seroo, Ron Kellenaers.


Seagull Formation lined up and waiting take off clearance. Foto: Ralf Joosten    Three stong guys and a girl putting some musle under this Piaggio.. Foto: Ralf Joosten     Foto: Ron Kellenaers

KG 101 seen from the watchtower. Foto: Ron Kellenaers

DHC-1 Chipmuck on it's spectaculair flyby. Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Area overvieuw. Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Mig-21M in front of a NATO shelter... Foto: Ron Kellenaers

P-149 from Seagull Formation taxiing on TWY Golf.  Foto: Ron Kellenaers

F-16 from Modellflyingclub "Apollo". Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Another P149 taxiing on November. Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Seagull Formation line up. Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Foto: Ron Kellenaers

P-149's and Chipmunck on departure. Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Nice flyby of the Chipmunck!! Foto: Ron Kellenaers

Chipmunck fast and low!! Foto: Ron Kellenaers