Junkers Ju-52 in Weeze                                                                               May 30th Weeze




May 29th 2009, Airport Weeze is overfilled with sunshine and the clearest Bleu skies you can wish for.  At around 11.30 three Jumo205 engines can be heard. A few minutes later the Junkers 52 of the `Lufthansa Berlin Stiftung´´ touches down at Weeze´s runway. What a beautifull sight. The Junkers 52, also known as `Iron Annie´, and in Germany as `Auntie ju´ (Tante Ju), was here for a couple of sightseeing flights around the Niederrhein Area. The plane flew missions on Friday and Saturday. Enjoy the photo´s of this remarkable airplane below. Most of the photos are made on Saturday May 30th.

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