Welcome to the RAF Laarbruch movements pages

At these pages you will find the RAF Laarbruch movements from the early 60's till the closure of the base in 1999. These movements are gathered from mostly Dutch and German aircraft spotters and ex RAF servicemen. Note that only visiting aircraft are displayed  in the section, the normal RAF Laarbruch aircraft movements are not displayed or it has to be on some rare occasions like airshows or squadron changes. Also, you wil find some very unique and nostalgic pictures in the section, all pictures you will see are guaranteed made at RAF Laarbruch.

If you cycle through the movements you will see in the "Remarks" field additional information about some aircraft, or what action they did while visiting Laarbruch. This can be a "Base Attack" (Aircraft wich did simulated attacks at the airfield), Overshoot (Overshooting aircraft wich did not land), Dep22 (Aircraft that Departed on another date) and Temporarely Based (Aircraft wich were from other units but were temporarely based at Laarbruch). Normally all visitors are full stops unless stated otherwise.

If you have any additions, corrections, pictures, or other items to share, you are most welkom to share them with us. Please sent your email to Laarbruch@sgniederrhein.net