February 2010     

f/s=full stop, n/s = night stop, o=overshoot, t/g=touch and go, x=crossing field, nn=not noted f/v=first visit

* Winter 2010: You will find all diversions or ferry flights of based aircaft in the list below.
Day  Registration  Aircraft type  Operator  Callsign Action*  Remarks
Sat06.  OE-GBB  Do328-110  Welcome Air  WLC208  f/s
 HA-LPT  A320-212  Wizzair  WZZ261Z  f/s
Tue09.  HA-LPI  A320-212  Wizzair  WZZ261J  f/s
Sat13.    Welcome Air  WLC208  f/s
 D-KBUL  SF25  nn  f/s
 PH-TGF  Pa28-181  nn  f/s
 PH-KDN  Ce172N  nn  f/s
 PH-TGH  Ce172  nn  f/s
 N54KS  SR22  f/s
 D-GELX  Pa44  RWL  f/d
 HA-LPO  A320-212  Wizzair  WZZ261Z  f/s
Tue16.  HA-LPO  A320-212  Wizzair  WZZ261J  f/s
Thu18.  EI-DHR  B737-800  Ryanair  RYR9923  f/s  Diversion From EHEH due to fog.
 EI-EFA  B737-800  Ryanair  RYR91F  f/s  Diversion From EHEH due to fog.
Sat20.    Welcome Air  WLC208  f/s
   A320-212  Wizzair  WZZ9327  f/s  Diversion From EHEH due to late arr.
   A320-212  Wizzair  WZZ261Z  f/s
Mon22.  84-0081  C-21A  76th AS  n/s
 MM62164  P-180AM 311°Gruppo RSV    n/s
Tue09.  HA-LPT  A320-212  Wizzair  WZZ261J  f/s
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