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Photographer: Ron Kellenaers
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 EDLV Runway reconstruction.

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Hamburg International flies from Airport Weeze

First steps to long a time engagement started today.

Weeze, June 25th 2008 17.05hrs, the first flight of Hamburg International, Flight # 4R2590 started to Palma de Mallorca with 134 passengers on Board.  Hamburg International announced today an engagement at Airport Weeze wich will last a long time, and operations will be expanded in the future. "We are confident that Airport Weeze will be an attractive airport and has a great potential'', said Norbert Grella one of the three  managing directors for Hamburg Airlines.  Since one year now, Hamburg International has flown from Weeze and has transported over 6.000 passengers. "With our new engagement, wich starts today, we hope to double this number of paxes in the next twelve months'', said Commercial Director Ralph Ullmann.  This winter the expansion at Airport will be noticable wenn Hamburg International adds no less than four touristic destinations to the flightplan. Sharm El Sheik and Hurghada in Egypt, Lazarote and Gran Canaria in Spain will be the sunny destinations for winter 2008. The B737 and A319 will both be flying for all destinations. For the summer of 2009 there are plans to expand from Airport Weeze even more, with a  based A319-111 and destinations to Heraklion in Greece, and destinations in Turkey and Spain.

Summer 2008:

From Weeze:
25/06 -08/10/08 Wed 17.05 - 19.15  4R2590 HHI, ALL, FTI, FEF, TUI, TNL, CBM, OTO,SLR
29/06 -12/10/08 Sun 11.55 - 14.10  4R2296 HHI, ALL, FTI, FEF, TUI, TNL, CBM, OTO,SLR

To Weeze:
25/06 -08/10/08 Wed 14.15 - 16.25  4R2591 HHI, ALL, FTI, FEF, TUI, TNL, CBM, OTO,SLR
29/06 -12/10/08 Sun 08.50 - 11.05  4R2297 HHI, ALL, FTI, FEF, TUI, TNL, CBM, OTO,SLR

Who is Hamburg International?

If the airline codes „HHI“ or „4R“ appear on your airline ticket, your flight will be operated by HAMBURG international. This independent charter airline was established in 1998 and commenced its flight operations in spring 1999. Since that time, the fleet of state-of-the-art Boeing
737-700 aircraft has continuously grown, and today operates all across Europe, Africa and Asia. Continental European and Mediterranean holiday destinations are served most frequently. HAMBURG international does not sell tickets directly to the public as it only rents out its aircraft full charter to various renowned tour operators and other clients. Most tour operators sell HHI flights as a part of complete tour packages. Beyond its activities within the wide field of tourism, HAMBURG international is also well known for reliable services in other business segments: So called ethnic charter flights are frequently operated to destinations such as Pristina in Kosovo or other specific destinations in Turkey. Also, singular executive charters, corporate flight operations as well as ad hoc flights at short notice mark core competences of HAMBURG international. We serve a wide range of customers including airbrokers, sports clubs, corporations, other airlines and even private individuals who rent their own Boeing for occasions such as a wedding celebration. All of the flying and administrative staff members of HAMBURG international are proud to provide you with a safe, reliable service in a hospitable atmosphere exactly fitted to your individual needs. Our experience and our high commitment guarantee a safe and relaxed journey.


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