Babes, bikini, sexy girl, bikinis, fashion, playboy, hot ladies, gallery bikini Photographer: Ron kellenaers (c)2007

  Sunday August 12th 2007, a beautiful sunny day at airport Weeze. Ideal weather for the plans for a photoshoot between a glider a fast jet and some nice ladies. Clear blue skies made the scene complete for a sunny photoshoot. So F-104 KG 101 was tugged out of it's shelter and glider D-0012 was brought in by road and the scene could be set up. The skies were clear and with the sun in our six o'clock position, it was time for the girls to do their make up, and get into their sexy bikini's and flightsuits. A pair of cool looking aviator sunglasses made the scene complete.  Pictures are made with following equipment:

Canon EOS10D with Canon 35-80mm F45.-5.6

Canon EOS30D with Canon 70-200mm L lenses.