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In our hobby of photographing aircraft, the weather plays an important role. This does not mean you have to stay indoors on a rainy day. You CAN take advantage of the weather, for example, an aircraft that lands after heavy rainfall will create a lot of waterspray on the runway wich will result in a spectaculair effect.


After snowfall you may have a nice winter effect. A landing aircraft can create a nice waterspray effect after a period of rain. On clear days you may take advantage of the sun or moon to shoot your artistic photos.

To help you plan your trip to the Niederrhein area this page may be helpfull to determine the weather forecast.

The climate in the Netherlands and Germany is considered temperate, which means that there are distinct summer and winter seasons.

Regardless of the city, the warmer months are the most comfortable. Unless of course, comfort is measured by the lack of tourists. The warmer summer months are also the most crowded, as many tourists plan trips through Holland and Germany during this time.

The warmest months of the year through most of the both countries are July and August, but even during this time the temperatures are rather mild. Daily highs will usually stay in the mid 20's and on hot days jump into the 30ís.

The spring months of April and May are also great times to visit during, even though the cooler daytime temperatures may require long pants and a jumper to stay comfortable. The flowers that are blooming everywhere are spectacular. 

  Weather Window for EDLV/NRN

Functions:  LIVE: This is a live view at the current weather conditions at Airport Weeze. Forecast: Move the hourly slider to the right to see the weather evolving. Click on the date's forward arrow you can see the expected NRN weather. Clik on the right arrow next to the presented dates to view an extended 9-day forecast. By clicking on the icon in the right bottom corner you will get it full screen.

 Current EDLV weather observation
 Airport Weeze EDLV/NRN latitude: 51-36-09N, longitude: 006-08-32E, elevation: 32 m
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